Meet VSO, Birmingham – Vegetarians are allowed!

Interested in fighting poverty?

Come to Meet VSO in Birmingham next Saturday at the mac (formerly Midlands Arts Centre) and find out how you can do it via VSO!

It’s free but you do need to book here. There are similar events at other locations but this is my local and is run by the VSO supporter group who have helped me to prepare for Malawi. Hence the plug 🙂

I went to a Meet VSO event in Putney (VSO UK headquarters) back in June. It was really interesting and engaging to learn from 2 different Returned Volunteers about their experiences. One was a business and marketing professional who volunteered at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Rwanda. The other was a physio / occupational therapist who volunteered in South America. Funny story from one of her photos… it was a pig (not this one) surrounded by a group of small children, just playing. It was a really nice picture. She then went on to tell us that before her placement, she was a vegetarian. Not anymore! 😀 I hope that doesn’t put any vegetarians off by the way.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there on Saturday because I’ll be on Skills for Working in Development (SKWID) training. Hopefully someday, I’ll be a Returned Volunteer speaking at an event like this with a few interesting stories to tell!

How to wrangle a pig

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