Cheaper by the (20) Dozen

If you have visited my fundraising page (thank you!), you’ll have read that VSO ask all their placed volunteers to fundraise £1500*.

The latest fundraising event was a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale, which went really well. Thanks to my highly motivated sales team, we sold all 20 dozens!

For my 2010 trip to Ghana, I did the same sale which went very well. So it’s a bit of a trusted formula. But since I’m don’t work in an office any more, I didn’t have access to the same en masse captive audience. So I had to recruit a team of ex-colleagues who were kind enough to help me sell.

The plan was deliver the doughnuts to them as early and fresh as possible. Then rely on my unstoppable sales team to sell, sell, sell. Queue Ben Affleck and “Arec Barrwin” motivational speech! {Expletive alert on links}

Despite grossly underestimating the weight of 20 dozen doughnuts and having to carry them for several hundred metres to my car, which knackered my arms. It largely went to plan. But in my haste to deliver the freshly baked doughnuts to 2 separate locations, I forgot to take a picture of what can only be described as a wall of white boxes. So, after much retrospective googling, I managed to find this very nice picture of a fellow Asian, blogger, volunteer and Krispy Kreme fundraiser. The closest thing I have to show you what kinda happened!

Anyway, we raised over £200 😀 Zikomo to everyone who bought a doughnut!

Fellow blogger and fundraiser Jae Seung Chung... not me!

Fellow blogger and fundraiser Jae Seung Chung… not me!

*Since VSO concentrate on long term development goals, these funds can then be redistributed to projects with the greatest need, which can be identified with planning. This is in contrast to the work of some other organisations. For example, the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), who also do fantastic work but focus on rapid response and relief to disasters, such as the Haiti earthquake.

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