Keep ticking things off the list!

It’s the night before my departure to Malawi.

The original title for this post was "Ready, Steady… PANIC!" but that would have been rather dramatic and not very positive.

I’ve been in Hong Kong seeing my family for the past 3 weeks. Hence the radio silence and 1 mad week to let my house out and get ready for Malawi.

By hook or by crook, and in the greater scheme of things, I was always going to be ready. Even if I hadn’t done everything I wanted, the only thing I really needed was my passport.

My brother, who has taken time off all week to help me, has been getting annoyed at my liberal use of "first world problems" to describe my situation (and self-encouragement). There’ll be plenty more where that came from!

Thanks to Chris, my local VSO supporter group lead and returned volunteer from Uganda, who gave me the encouragement to "keep ticking things off the list!". I needed it. I was rather emotional and in a blind panic on Tuesday and Wednesday. Emailing with Chris, my Malawi group members and fellow volunteers I met on P2V and SKWID training really helped.

Thank you to my closest friends who chipped in to help me. I needed all of it and there’ll be plenty more overly friendly calling in of favours to keep my let house on the straight and narrow. Not to mention the sending of care packages to Malawi.

I’m sorry I didn’t get round to seeing everyone, especially my ex-colleagues in Birmingham. I hope you understand that I would have been extremely bad company anyway due to the distinct lack of sleep and first world problem stress levels.

Lastly, thank you to all my sponsors. Specifically, Fon for their donation of wifi routers and pledge for more once I’m in Malawi. HTC and their public relations agency Nelson Bostock, for the loan of a new smartphone!

So, bye bye blighty, bye bye house, and see you in Africa!

P.S. It’s my first time using post by email. Hope it works ok.

The picture is from the balcony of my “brotel” suite and a night view of Canary Wharf, which I won’t be seeing again in a while.

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9 thoughts on “Keep ticking things off the list!

  1. Have a safe trip, I’m sure you will be more than fine as your one of the most level headed guys I know. Stay safe and let me know when you touch down 🙂


  2. E j

    See you in Africa


  3. Leya

    The warm weather is waiting for you! It feels particularly hot this morning. Have a safe trip. I hope you get to visit Dzaleka and spend time with the refugees.


  4. 一路顺风


  5. Ha ha – I also used the phrase First World Problem this week too! And completely understand the ticking things off the list panic. I’m doing ‘somethng every day’ but haven’t actually written a list yet… I guess I need to follow your good example and write it next! As I write this you are apparently 5 minutes from departure – safe trip and happy volunteering!


  6. Sam de Haan

    Good luck be safe and have an amazing experience!


  7. goosh

    happy trails dude 🙂


  8. Reema Ahmad-Choudhury

    Hope you’re having a fab time!!! (I’m very jealous!) : )


  9. Odes

    Heartwarming post,so proud of you 🙂


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