Mswaswera Bwanji!

My fellow volunteer seriously rocking it in southern Malawi!
She’s experiencing the Malawi I had imagined. Poor but happy. From what I’ve seen so far, people in Lilongwe doesn’t seem to be as happy or friendly as Fiona’s new friends. But I hope that changes.



I’m pleased to tell you all that it is not the big scary nun that is taking me to Trinity College of Nursing but a pleasant mannered gentleman called David. He is the assistant principal at the college and we had a good chat yesterday around the placement, the hospital and what I will be expected to do. The hospital has around 250 beds (50 surgical, 50 medical, 50 paediatrics, 50 maternity and not sure what the other 50 are made up of!). The college has around 60 students in each year and both first and second year students are on holiday at the moment so I will only meet the third years on Monday.

I managed to get my Malawi Nurse Registration yesterday after the debacle of Thursday and I will be given 4 weeks orientation in a large teaching hospital in Blantyre. I am hoping that I…

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