There are plenty more fish in the lake

Since my official work with the Ministry of Health has been slow because the project is just getting started, I’ve been getting involved with as many other activities as possible. One of these activities is the joining the VSO Malawi newsletter committee.

So for the past few days, I’ve been in Salima, near Lake Malawi, preparing for the relaunch of the VSO Malawi newsletter together with the rest of the committee. It’s in Salima, or more specifically, Senga Bay, a large fishing village and beach beauty spot, where I met an interest chap.

His name is “Cheese on Toast“! Nice guy, excellent dancer (think Gangnam Style… almost!) and one of ten siblings. One of his brothers was also there in the bar we were at (only briefly of course). His name is Fanuel and he taught me an invaluable piece of local knowledge.

In the UK, men often use the word “bird” to describe a girl or woman. For example, a “nice bird” meaning a “good looking girl” or similar. Well, here in Malawi, they say “fish” instead. For example, a “colourful fish” indicates an attractive lady! It makes sense because it goes with the saying “there are plenty more fish in the sea” or in this case, “there are plenty more fish in the lake“.

On a more serious note, my climate change volunteer colleagues and generally those more in the know about wildlife and ecology, all tell me that Lake Malawi is suffering from over fishing. So fish population levels have significantly decreased in recent years, which is a real shame if it’s true.

PS. I also saw some wild hippos at the Lake! No photos though, sorry. It was from quite far away anyway. Safety first of course!

Cool Runnings lodge, Senga Bay

Cool Runnings lodge, Senga Bay

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