WOTD: Chabwino

Chichewa word of the day: Chabwino

Meaning: Okay

The most spoken word in the world [citation required]. Surprisingly, it’s not used all that much here. I guess it’s partly because Chichewa is very conversational. So simple, short acknowledgements like …okay! or questions like …okay? just isn’t appropriate or common.

However, I did learn that Malawians do say “Hi”, instead of the usual “How are you?” (Muli bwanji), afterall. Thanks to my trip last weekend to Zomba, where they used “Hi” a lot more than in Lilongwe.

Second Chichewa word of the day: Bo! or Bo bo!

Meaning: Hi

PS. Further to the previous Chichewa WOTD post for football, I was just at the bank and was shocked to see rugby on the TV instead of football!

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2 thoughts on “WOTD: Chabwino

  1. Ndithu, achimwene!


  2. Thik Hai (pronounced pretty much ‘T K’ seems to be the Hindi version of OK and translates as ‘fine’. I seem to be using OK and Thik Hai interchangeably at the moment!


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