Pop Up Kanema

Car port / Pop up cinema

Car port / Pop up cinema

In an attempt to “edutain” (educate + entertain; a la Hans Rosling, the awesome statistician and “edutainer”), a few of my fellow VSO volunteers have been showing English language films to the kids in their neighbourhood. It’s a great idea! So I thought I’d do the same for the kids in my neighbourhood of Area 11.

So on Sunday, I put on a matinee showing of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, followed by Puss in Boots. It was all a bit rushed because as soon as I told the kids, who were playing marbles at the time, that I’ll be showing a film (“kanema” – Chichewa word for film/movie and also cinema) in 5 minutes. They all rushed to my place!  But I hadn’t even set up my computer yet. Consequently, I just played the only two animation films I had on my computer at the time, which were obviously not quite good enough… spot the girl with the big yawn!

So this weekend, I’ll need to bring out the classics: Wall-E, Toy Story and some old Disney favourites like Aladdin and The Lion King!

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4 thoughts on “Pop Up Kanema

  1. mate you’ve a lion heart. Found your calling methinks?!? loving the updates but don’t get too used to it over there….. 😉


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