iHRIS for MoH Malawi

Quick progress report on the main reason I’m volunteering here: iHRIS Malawi !!!

I expected working on an IT project in a developing country to be tough. But it’s been more difficult than I initially anticipated, for a variety of reasons.

As of last week, we have a temporary server running and available on the Internet. It’s hosted by the Kamuzu College of Nursing, which has a good infrastructure. Actually, the best I’ve seen since arriving.

Please check it out; But don’t break it or hack it because I will come after you! I’d be interested to see if the connection works outside of Malawi.


Without getting overly geeky, there’s also our project on Launchpad: ihris-moh-malawi. Launchpad is a development (programming) tool used by many open source projects.

Here’s a photo of some (working) computers we have stacked up in our modest office at the Ministry of Health Headquarters. Thanks to Judy for the well-used labels 🙂

The small black/white/red device on the left of the photo is our daily lifeline – the Internet! It’s a MTL MiNET router and works on WiMAX technology, which I never heard of before coming here. It’s expensive and rather unstable (to say the least!) but crucial to our work.

iHRIS is a web-based system after all!

One of our test servers: iHRIS-SIT2 (running Ubuntu) and other boxes

One of our test servers: iHRIS-SIT2 (running Ubuntu) and other boxes

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3 thoughts on “iHRIS for MoH Malawi

  1. Marcin

    Both websites load fine here in the UK altho both takes a while to “find” (with ping times between 250ms – 300ms and every now and again timing out) 🙂


  2. Gaurav

    Yup works from leicester mate


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