Best of Lilongwe Chat

You’ve not truly settled into life in Malawi until you’ve joined 2 social media groups: Lilongwe Chat and Malawi Breaking News and Gossip.

LL Chat is a Google Group where people post for all types of things. From lost cat to vehicles or chickens for sale. It’s like the Craigslist or Gumtree of Lilongwe. Coincidentally, there is also a group for Blantyre, called Blantyre Chat, funnily enough!

Malawi Breaking News and Gossip is a Facebook page. The more observant readers will notice that the URL for this page is actually …/MalawiBreakingNewsAndSports. Presumably Malawi sport wasn’t as interesting or popular as Malawi gossip! MBNG is really beyond words to describe in my limited vocabulary. Its posts range from marriage or affair notice to sweeping political opinions.

Which brings me to the Best of Lilongwe Chat. Very simply, it’s a blog showcasing the highlights of both these groups! Check it out. Submit your favourites. You will not be disappointed!

A classic post from MBNG

A classic post from MBNG

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3 thoughts on “Best of Lilongwe Chat

  1. Amazing. Especially the vomit inducing kisses. Brilliant!


  2. phredz

    Damn! I am so left behind with Lilongwe Chat group! I am curious on people’s comment on this post though.


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