Thank you Maxine

The last 2 weeks of the Breakfast Club has been sponsored by my friend Maxine. Because we were each away or busy with work on Saturday morning, we did another meal time instead.

Week 1 was actually a Saturday dinner. You can see in the photos that it was dark.

Week 2 was a Sunday lunch. Menu: Chicken stew (with gizzards which the kids love), rice, bananas, vitamin gummy bears (thanks to Seth) and fresh milk (not powder!), courtesy of MDI, a Malawian dairy producer – good work Dens!

Thank you Maxine!

PS. As you can see in the last photo, we’ve fixed up the classroom/carport. Some of the posters had fallen down because of the masking tape wasn’t great. So we splashed out on some proper tape, which should hold for a while… even with he kids poking and peeling it!

PPS. One of the older girls in the group has been selected for secondary school, which is a real achievement here. Well done Prisca! Although she has been selected, there are still significant fees to contend with and private schooling is out of reach for the vast majority of Malawians. So she still hasn’t started school yet. We’re currently speaking with her aunt, who is her carer, to see how we can help. Fingers crossed.

Cha kudya cha madzulo

Cha kudya cha madzulo



Team work... washing up

Team work… washing up

Chicken gizzards are the best!

Chicken gizzards are the best!

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