My Fellow VSO Malawi Volunteers

The VSO Malawi Country Office has produced a map of my fellow volunteers, currently serving here.

The majority of volunteers are on the newly merged Health & HIV/AIDS Programme. There are also volunteers on Secure Livelihoods, Climate Change and Education. All doing good work in Malawi!


VSO Malawi map of volunteers, November 2013.

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3 thoughts on “My Fellow VSO Malawi Volunteers

  1. WOW! When I flew out of India on 1 November we left 5 international volunteers in the country. It’s interesting how we can do ‘the same thing’ and yet have completely different experiences.


    • US Peace Corps here map every one of their volunteers with an exact coordinate from GPS!

      Is VSO India winding down? Which programme are most volunteers in?


      • DFID funding comes to an end very soon and they are looking at options, one of which is to look more towards national than international volunteers. I think the remaining few are fairly well split across the programmes.


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