Benefits of Volunteering

Check out this fantastic blog from Rita, a US Peace Corps volunteer based in Zomba:-

12 Personal Benefits to Living a Peace Corps Life

It’s absolutely spot on and perfectly expresses some of my own thoughts on the benefits of volunteering here in Malawi. Ok… except the bit about fetching water from a borehole! Since I’m living in the big city and all; Some of my fellow VSO volunteers actually do call me “City Boy“. Thankfully, we have running water in Lilongwe. However, funnily enough, the mains water supply has been a bit erratic recently. There have been hours of unusually low pressure and even total outages. So in fact, I did once have to “fetch” water. Luckily, it was transferring the water we store in the upstairs bathroom (for yet-to-happen emergency bucket shower) to the downstairs kitchen and outside, where my night-guard and part-time housekeeper Yohane needed water to finish the laundry.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I actually got in touch with Rita before coming out to Malawi. Her blog and email advice was really useful in helping me prepare. Also, we have a mutual friend in her fellow Peace Corps volunteer, John Mark (aka my twin / doppelgänger). Unfortunately, we’ve still not managed to meet in person yet. But I’m planning on it. I can’t promise any Parmesan cheese though! Here are some of my favourite photos from her awesome World Map Project.

I <3 maps and you will too!

I ❤ maps and you will too! (picture from Google!)

The final product

The final product

History class

History class

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One thought on “Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Michael Kanyimbo

    how can i catch the oppotunity. Am look for a job volunteer


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