WOTD: Mvula

Chichewa word of the day: Mvula

Meaning: Rain

After 9 dry months, the mvula/rains have finally come. I’m not sure whether it means the rainy season has officially started or not. Even the locals can’t all seem to agree when it really starts. Some say November, others say December.

On Friday night, I woke up at around 4 am due to an mighty bang, which shook my room. I got up to look out the window where I saw a strangely bright, flickering light from the row of houses across the road, about 50 metres away. I went and woke my housemate Robin up and asked if he heard the bang. He did. I told him that I thought it was an explosion from the houses across the road, which looked like it was on fire. At which point I was actually preparing myself to go outside and potentially fire-fight!

Anyway, despite my initial suspicions. It was of course, just a thunder clap! When a second lightning and consequent thunder came, I was suitably satisfied that my Fire & Rescue services were not required and promptly went back to bed… before waking up again just before 7 to do Breakfast Club.

So, here are a couple of rain related Chichewa phrases from the dictionary.

Chichewa phrase: Mvula ikugwa nidpo ikugunda
Meaning: It is raining with a thundering noise

Chichewa phrase: Kugwa mvula yambiri
Meaning: Raining cats and dogs

Our guard dog Brownie and a wet yard

Our guard dog Brownie and a wet yard

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