Lilongwe Chat is dead…

Long live Lilongwe Chat!

I say this because the original, one-and-only Google Group has been shut down. It was apparently reported for illegal content recently and Google promptly suspended the group. Of course, that was never going to be the end of it. The administrators have set up a new Yahoo Group.

If you’re not a Yahoo user already, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to create a new login or link it to your Facebook or Google account. But it’s a relatively small price to pay to find that desperately needed BREAST PUMP.

In any case, don’t worry because Best of Lilongwe Chat is still up and running. No signing in required 🙂

I’m especially looking forward to another SIGNS OF CLIMATE CHANGE weather forecast for January!

Banned Content Warning!

The wrath of Google

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4 thoughts on “Lilongwe Chat is dead…

  1. Marcel

    Lilongwe Chat has moved from Google to Yahoo Groups (and Yahoo Groups seems to have more cool functionality than Google, that we did not know about)
    Just proves that inconvenient changes are sometimes a good thing.

    Here is the new home page to Lilongwe Chat :

    To request to join (or re-join), prove that you are human by sending an email to :
    (You do not need a Yahoo address or any other social media info)

    All other contact details that you may need appear on the home page.
    (Lilongwe Chat moved from Google to Yahoo Jan 14 because Google said we were doing bad things … whatever!!)

    (LLW Chat Administrator)


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  3. Steve elisa

    Looking for a licensed fire arm to buy.


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