Thank you Sid – Part Deux and Cinderella

Part 2 of Thank you Sid from October 2013… time really flies!

The format has changed a lot since then. Now that Regie and Dens have finished their placements and returned home, it’s just me managing on a weekly basis with help from friends on occassions. So the older kids, mainly Junior, Ireen and Save, have stepped in to help a lot more. They help me prepare the main dish by chopping meat and vegetables on Friday afternoon, cook the rice and manage the serving on Saturday mornings.

Here are some pictures of the rather out of date format.

Family kitchen

Family kitchen

Present time!

Present time!

The kids are definitely getting more confident these days. It’s still mainly a limited choice between “filim” or “cartoony” for kanema. But Teresa, who has since gone back to her village in Mzimba, came up to me the other week and asked for Cinderella! It was because she had a book on Cinderella… which was in Italian!

Bless her… I was happy to be able to show it to her before she left. 🙂


Teresa: “I want Cinderella”

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One thought on “Thank you Sid – Part Deux and Cinderella

  1. goosh

    brilliant Herm love the work youre doing here. Tap me for cash – I need to do my bit


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