A to Z: C is for…

  • CCAP – Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, the main Christian church body in Malawi.
  • CHAI – The Clinton Health Access Initiative, who we work closely with at the Ministry of Health on many area, including our area of Human Resources. A lot of our friends work there.
  • CHAMChristian Health Association of Malawi is the main organisation who the Ministry of Health partners and outsource healthcare service and training to. Their employees make up the majority of healthcare workers in Malawi.
  • Chambo – Chichewa name for the most commonly eaten fish from Lake Malawi. It’s from the Tilapia family.
  • Chibuku “Shake Shake” – Fermented maize beer sold in a carton, which bluntly, looks like vomit. Pretty horrible stuff I’m reliably told!
  • Chipatala – Chichewa word for hospital or clinic. Including the VSO designated Area 18 Medi-clinic, where all VSO volunteers go for medical attention. Unfortunately, I’ve visited it (too) many times.
  • Chipata – The first town in Zambia, across the border from Mchinji. Also where Natalie has recently moved to for the second part of her placement with VSO Zambia.
  • Chipiku Plus – Probably the best supermarket in Lilongwe. Still not exempt from Malawian counter-logical pricing. Quite often, the same product in a smaller quantity is better value for money then large or bulk quantities. For example, 500 g of margarine may cost 1000 MWK but 1 kg will cost significantly more than 2000 MWK!
Chibuku "Shake Shake"

Chibuku “Shake Shake”

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