25 Letters in the Alphabet?

As part of the Breakfast Club, Thursdays are “class days”. Depending on whether I get home from work late, it usually runs from 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

Using the whiteboard and stationery bought with FOMA funds, we do simple exercises like spelling, mathematics, IT and most recently, learning how to use a dictionary.

Yesterday’s exercise was translating Chichewa words into their English meaning, which we’ve done once before – see post. I began the exercise by writing a Chichewa word beginning with A, then B, then C. Then I went to help each kid individually.

Junior, one of the eldest kids, has learnt how to use the dictionary very quickly. He finished the first 3 words before anyone else. So I asked him to take over as teacher and write more Chichewa words on the whiteboard. Resuming from D etc through to Z.

When he completed this, he turned to me and said: “Finished!

I sceptically looked at the whiteboard, saw only 25 words and replied: “Junior, how many letters are in the alphabet?

Junior confidently responds: “No X… ” and then shows me with dictionary that there are indeed no words which begin with X in Chichewa!

Well done Junior!! 🙂

Junior, the teacher.

Junior, the teacher.

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