The joy of teaching nursing students in Malawi

The poster boy of VSO Malawi (also my barber and close friend), David Atherton, explaining his work as a nurse tutor to the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Sometimes, working here can be tough. Especially as a volunteer who is trying to introduce change – Change to make things better; Not everyone is as open to change. But David’s attitude and enthusiasm is exemplary. We definitely need more people like him to help make Malawi a better place.

Scotland Malawi Partnership

Scottish nurse and SMP member, David Atherton, shares about his experience teaching nursing students in Malawi

I am currently working for VSO Malawi as a nurse tutor at St Luke’s College of Nursing & Midwifery in the Zomba district.  I am part of a team of British nurses and midwives volunteering to aid colleges on a wide range of issues from academic, to management support.


My job is diverse, but I am happiest when I am visiting students on the wards and providing clinical teaching.  When I teach, my teaching is responsive to those who are learning and in my Malawian nursing students I have found enthusiasm and a positive outlook that makes teaching fun.  Malawian culture is quite hierarchical and so breaking down the barriers with new students is my top priority.  Once they are comfortable in our new relaxed teacher-student relationship they really shine.  They have a…

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