iHRIS Developer Training

This is slightly old news now.  It actually happened before we went live, back in January. So much has happened recently, you’ll be reading quite a few catch-up posts soon!

See my colleague Oli’s blog post about the iHRIS Developer Training Course he organised for our Malawian counterparts, which went very well. The challenge now is keeping that momentum going until all the requirements have been fulfilled and we finally start the national roll-out, which is still being planned.

PS. There was a photo competition ran by the VSO Malawi Country Office. My photo of Oli and Teddy installing our shiny new server at CHSU came second. Behind the winner, my good friend David Atherton! See this Facebook post for details. To be honest, I reckon Oli, who is a keen photographer, could have given David a run for his money… But he didn’t enter any of his photos!
Oli's developer training course

Oli’s developer training course

Learner developers x 3

Learner developers x 3

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