A to Z: D is for…

  • d.light – A good range of solar lights sold here in Malawi. A couple of these lights were our saving grace when there used to be frequent load-shedding power cuts, which results in darkness and inevitable delay to dinner!
  • DAPPDevelopment of People from People (an acronym which isn’t quite right) is a big development project. But in the context of Lilongwe, when people say DAPP, they mean the main second hand clothes shop in town! It’s where you find all types of weird and wonderful apparel. From Dr. No style dictator suits to modern Burberry hoodies. Apparently, they also sell books now too. When there is a new shipment due, it is kind of a big event. There’s always overly loud music blasting away by the door. The dust always triggers my hay-fever. So I try not to go very often. Not that I like clothes shopping anyway!
  • Dzaleka – is a long term refugee camp, established almost 20 years ago; In the Dowa district, I believe. Not too far from Lilongwe. A bit farther than the airport.
    My fellow volunteer David and I went there back in February last year. It was an arranged exchange visit. We each gave a lecture in our profession. Him in clinical. Me in project management. The students were extremely bright and hungry to learn. We were both very impressed by their attitude and willingness to take on new ideas, ask questions and challenge any lack of clarity! There are also some very well managed educational facilities there. Including a nice computer suite and library. It was a very humbling and inspiring experience.




Learn from reading. Learners become leaders.

Learn from reading. Learners become leaders.

Ubuntu = Human kindness

Ubuntu = Human kindness

Dzaleka. Photo from http://www.jc-hem.org/Projects_Detail?Region=001

Dzaleka. Photo from http://www.jc-hem.org/Projects_Detail?Region=001

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