Going to Africa

Please check out this blog post from the mum of my fellow VSO volunteer, Natalie. It’s a genuine and lovely memoir of a fantastic trip they took together. We VSO volunteers do stick together for obvious reasons. We also love it when our family and friends come to visit. And hey, it’s not all work either. We get to explore Africa!

Welcome to Zambia

When my mum came to visit for 2 weeks, I set her the challenge of writing a post for my blog about her trip. I thought I would give her the floor, a chance to share her experiences, photos and thoughts of her trip (and, ok I admit,  to save me from doing it). Challenge accepted and here it is… in her own words…. GOING TO AFRICA….. written and photos provided by me mum.

Going to Africa

When we talked about visiting Zambia, the thought seemed very distant, daunting, exciting and scary!! So visas applied, injections up to date, I was ready for the adventure of my life!  In April the day finally arrived. So packed, including things for Natalie, we headed for the airport. My plane had been delayed, my journey disrupted and a possible night in Johannesburg as I had missed my connection. Eventually I was put on an earlier flight and ran for it! While…

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