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Thank you for visiting My blog of everything to do with volunteering in Malawi.

In October 2012, I am heading to Malawi for 2 years to work as a Volunteer IT Advisor at the Ministry of Health via VSO UK. I will be part of a team implementing a much needed human resources management system, recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation). The project aims to significantly increase the MoH’s overall capacity to allow the very few doctors, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals to continue their invaluable work to the best of their abilities and resources. My Official Launch and EscapeTheCity Interview posts have further details (specifically, my inspiration for doing this) if you’d like to know more.

You can tweet me @FUNG14 Tweet me @FUNG14 or leave a comment, or contact me via this form:-



Herman Fung’s fundraising page for VSO Malawi

Herman Fung's fundraising page for VSO Malawi


5 thoughts on “About & Contact Me

  1. Leya

    Great to find another traveler to Malawi. I look forward to hearing about your preparations and trip. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other. I’m sure I’ll be in Lilongwe for a day or so, and I believe our host families will be there.


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  3. Chris Bird

    Herman – very best of luck in Malawi and thank you for kind comments. I look forward to reading about how things go! Very best wishes, Chris


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