A to Z: H is for “the Hash”

I must admit that I was very confused when I first heard about the Hash. It was very soon after I arrived in Malawi and I genuinely thought people were advertising drugs on Lilongwe Chat!

Anyway, I was soon enlightened by my housemate Robin, who is a keen runner and explained that it is in fact an international group of running and social clubs. In Lilongwe, the most popular run was on Mondays.

Each week, a different member would organise the run. Map the route with paper-mache the day before and put on snacks. There is a kind of initiation thing for newcomers and returnees. There’s a squeaky rubber chicken involved, which is rather weird. But all for a bit of fun.

I did go a few times but it clashed with “kanema time” when we started regular cinema showing for the kids every Monday.

In January, Robin hosted from our house in Area 11 and he’s hosting again next Monday (28th July).

Unusually high number of fancy 4x4s in Area 11

Unusually high number of fancy 4x4s in Area 11

Post run drinks and snacks

Post run drinks and snacks

PS. Even though my placement has finished and I’m now back (and thankfully working) in the UK, I’m determined to finish this A to Z!

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NDIZOTHEKA [it is possible]

Just came across this on the EscapeTheCity blog, which I wanted to share with you.  It’s the story of another ex banking professional who volunteered in Malawi but via a charity called Challenges Worldwide, instead of my VSO route. It’s titled: 4 Lessons from the Warm Heart of Africa.

Some really good insight into volunteering in Malawi; The JFDI comment made me laugh 🙂 and I must admit that I didn’t realise Malawi is indeed amongst the 10 poorest countries in the world, by various measures and sources.

For me, the best bit of this post is the video it mentions…

NDIZOTHEKA [it is possible] – Trailer

Photographer and paraglider pilot, Benjamin Jordan travels to Malawi to teach children the joys of kite flying. There, he meets Godfrey Masauli, a young Malawian man who has always dreamt of flying though has never had the means.
The odd pair borrow a couple bicycles, ride around the country and build kites with youth while motivating them to follow their dreams no matter the challenge. They are destined for Mount Mulanje, Africa’s second highest peak, where after weeks of ground training the two will attempt to paraglide down making Godfrey the first Malawian paraglider pilot.

I think I’d quite like to meet Godfrey.

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