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SKWID Training

It’s been a week since my SKWID Training course (pronounced “squid” but not to be confused with the slang term for a newbie motorbike rider). It stands for Skills for Working In Development. It follows the P2V Training course which I went to in August.

I found SKWID very useful and wish I went on it earlier than I did. It would have given me more time to prepare for my placement (departing on 20th October). Specifically, finishing my course of vaccination against rabies! A massive shout-out to InterHealth. Especially to nurse Linda, a fellow Northern Irelander, who was really helpful on the phone and even agreed to come in early on Monday morning to give me the first jab. The VSO Medical Team was also very helpful. I’d like to say a really big thank you to both. Having exhausted plans A, B, C… I’m now on to plan Z. Jabs 1 and 2 in Hong Kong, followed by jab 3 in Malawi. Not ideal but it’ll have to do.

Also, I would have had more time to complete and submit my Learning Log in order to obtain a Foundation Certificate in International Development from Harper Adams University College, which coincidentally, is very close to my home in Telford. The Learning Log took me a lot longer than expected. Since I’ve not been doing office work since March, I’m very out of practise at formal writing!

That was pretty much my week gone. But I did manage to sneak in a trip to Alton Towers on Friday 🙂 It was planned a few weeks ago for my Irish brother and cousin to come over from Northern Ireland to collect my car. So we wanted to go do something fun too. It was a wee holiday for us all. Together with my twin brother who came up from London, it was great to see them and we had a fantastic day out. Queuing is for losers! We luckily managed to get on Nemesis twice without queuing 😀

Thanks to my bro Mark for this bit of inspiration. A quote from Sir Michael Caine (lege!). It’s from a Whatever It Takes canvas print that’s on my guest bedroom wall, where Mark was sleeping.

“Life is not a rehearsal.”

Here are some pics from SKWID.


Team SKWID. A great bunch of people!

SKWID Agenda

SKWID Review

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