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A somewhat sad day today…

Recently, a stray female dog and her puppies seem to be have made friends with our guard dog Brownie. So they’ve been hanging round our house a lot. We even gave her a name: Cookie. Since we thought she was Brownie’s girlfriend.

A couple of days ago, our nightguard told us that one of her puppies was hit by a car. We thought it died the day after. But today, as I was sitting in the living room, I heard some noises from our garden which turned out to be Cookie and her puppy. We went to check on the puppy to find he was in a bad way.

So I called the LSPCA (Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals), not really expecting an answer because it’s a Saturday. To my surprise and relief, someone did answer!

I explain to them what happened and we took the puppy to the LSPCA office in Area 9 ourselves. I filled in a form and left it to the professionals for euthanasia, which was 100% the most humane thing to do.

Thank you @LSPCA.

Last Sunday, we hosted a food party in honour of Chinese New Year (31 Jan). There were lots and lots of food! Including plenty of leftover bones from the barbecued meats, which was shared amongst Brownie, Cookie and her puppy. So at least the little stray had a good feed before the accident.

LSPCA - Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals

LSPCA – Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals

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WOTD: Mvula

Chichewa word of the day: Mvula

Meaning: Rain

After 9 dry months, the mvula/rains have finally come. I’m not sure whether it means the rainy season has officially started or not. Even the locals can’t all seem to agree when it really starts. Some say November, others say December.

On Friday night, I woke up at around 4 am due to an mighty bang, which shook my room. I got up to look out the window where I saw a strangely bright, flickering light from the row of houses across the road, about 50 metres away. I went and woke my housemate Robin up and asked if he heard the bang. He did. I told him that I thought it was an explosion from the houses across the road, which looked like it was on fire. At which point I was actually preparing myself to go outside and potentially fire-fight!

Anyway, despite my initial suspicions. It was of course, just a thunder clap! When a second lightning and consequent thunder came, I was suitably satisfied that my Fire & Rescue services were not required and promptly went back to bed… before waking up again just before 7 to do Breakfast Club.

So, here are a couple of rain related Chichewa phrases from the dictionary.

Chichewa phrase: Mvula ikugwa nidpo ikugunda
Meaning: It is raining with a thundering noise

Chichewa phrase: Kugwa mvula yambiri
Meaning: Raining cats and dogs

Our guard dog Brownie and a wet yard

Our guard dog Brownie and a wet yard

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Thank you Sid

The past 5 weeks of the Breakfast Club has been sponsored by my best friend from university. Thanks Sid!

Part 1…

Week 1 (28 Sep)

This was also the City of Stars music festival weekend. So there were lots of people in town. Including our friends and fellow VSOs from all corners of Malawi and even Zambia!

Jambula, jambula!

Jambula, jambula!

Team VSO! Our azunugu helpers: Florent and Lili

Team VSO! Our azunugu helpers: Florent and Lili

Week 2 (5 Oct)

We had outside help this week as well. All the way from Hong Kong and England. My mum, brother and his fiance were visiting.

My brother and I are twins. We don’t look that alike in my humble opinion, but it does confuse people… Herbie and Herman! On top of that, I’m friends with a US Peace Corps volunteer here called John Mark Esplana, who also works in healthcare IT. We definitely don’t look alike but people in Lilongwe mistaken us for each other all the time!

That's Herbie. Not me, or John Mark.

That’s Herbie. Not me, or John Mark.

The kids, Regie and Mum

The kids, Regie and Mum

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