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EscapeTheCity Interview Followup and AfriKids

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to read my interview with EscapeTheCity, which was published last week. There’s been a really good response from lots of different countries. So thank you for taking time to read it and for your messages. If you’re new to my blog, welcome / mwalandiridwa!

There were a couple of things I didn’t go into much detail about in the interview. My involvement in the UK’s NHS IT programme, Connecting for Health, (which I’ll come back to in future posts) and my trip to Ghana in 2010, where the photos were taken.

While I was still working at Deutsche Bank, AfriKids was one of two charities chosen by employees as their charities of the year. As part of that, AfriKids hosted The Experience Challenge, where participants travelled to Bolgatanga, northern Ghana, visited various fantastic AfriKids projects and lived with a host like a local citizen. I was one of those participants and lived with my host, Bismark, who is a secondary school teacher for 3 days. A few challenges, which were all part of daily life:-

  • Teaching mathematics without a calculator, or
  • Chemistry without a Periodic Table, and my personal favourite,
  • Having wild dogs and chickens roaming through the classroom!

It was a very humbling experience for me, witnessing and sharing the life of a Ghanian. So many challenges (no running water or toilet), with little possession (compared to a typical UK person for example), yet still so happy, friendly and kind. Truly an eye-opener for most people, including me. I believe that this planted the seed for my move towards international development work.

A quick footnote to my Experience, is that Bismark’s sister, Doreen, is an awesome cook! I was never hungry after eating a meal she made 🙂

Total tangent… You may know that I grew up in the UK but am originally from Hong Kong. So I’ve got a few words to say to my family in Chinese. Especially, my Grandpa Fung who I’m proud to say is a proper silver surfer and my keenest follower!

阿爺, 阿嫲, 多謝你的支持! This is the link to my EscapeTheCity interview, translated (badly) into Chinese. Click here.

Bismark at work

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EscapeTheCity Interview

Fresh off the press!

EscapeTheCity – Joining Africa’s healthcare technology revolution

More to come later 🙂

Escape The City

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