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Muli bwanji Lilongwe

This is the first of many posts to catch up. So much has happened since departure on 20 Oct!

I touched down at Lilongwe International airport on Sunday 21 October 2012 at 14:11:22, Malawi time. Our group of volunteers were picked up by a small team of VSO Malawi staff. To my surprise, an airport staff was collecting the checked-in luggage stickers, which were attached to my boarding pass stub… which I had lost, somewhere between transiting in Nairobi and disembarking in Lilongwe! Another volunteer lost his too but we both sneaked past.

An easy 30 minute drive to our temporary accommodation, the Riverside Hotel in Lilongwe, where we were staying during our week of ICT (In Country Training).

ICT includes all the important stuff like security, finance (living allowance), admin forms, introduction to all VSO Malawi’s various programmes… and more forms(!), last and not least is basic Chichewa classes. The title of this post “Muli bwanji Lilongwe” means “Hello Lilongwe”. Our Chichewa tutor, Arthur, was excellent and I’m mostly getting a good reaction from my limited vocabulary and funny (or azungu) pronunciation, which is promising. In case you were wondering, the HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System) project I’ll be working on at the Ministry of Health belongs to the Health Programme.

First day at work tomorrow. So getting an early night. Plenty of pictures and catch up posts to come!

Lilongwe International Airport

Lilongwe International Airport

ICT - Health Programme Overview

ICT – Health Programme Overview

ICT - Back to class!

ICT – Back to class!

ICT - Class of Oct 2012

ICT – Class of Oct 2012

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