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Africa’s Healthcare Technology Revolution

Just came across this awesome BBC News article by Fiona GrahamTechnology opens the doors of Africa’s health sector. Please read it. To para-quote:-

“Technology allows us to have quality healthcare at scale,” says Penda Health’s Stephanie Koczela.

“I think that most of the health care providers that we’re competing with don’t use technology at all to supplement their systems,” says Ms Koczela.

“They’re all paper records, their drugs are often out of stock. We have a system that gives us a warning if any of our drugs are expired, and it forces our providers to dispose of those drugs immediately.”

Great to learn about organisations like Penda Health, Computer Aid International (more on their ZubaBox in later posts) and AMREF, all using technology to make a real difference in healthcare.

Suitably inspired, I’m ending on a quote by @ILLUMlNATIAct as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

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Charley, Ewan and Me

First of many (I hope) posts about my favourite topic… MOTORBIKES!

Besides working with the Ministry of Health to (I hope!) make a difference, one of the things I was particularly looking forward to was exploring the country on a motorbike during my spare time. Yes, the Long Way Round / Down style! Short UNICEF clip of the Malawi episode here.

Alas! Whilst doing some homework (i.e. googling), I found the blog of a returned VSO volunteer called Gareth in Malawi. One particular post caught my eye: Buying a motorbike in Malawi… His whole blog is a very good read but to quickly summarise this post for you, here’s an excerpt:-

“A new Yamaha DT 125cc, the bike we learnt on with VSO, costs a cool K850,000 at the only dealership in Malawi. That’s about £4000 – and more than twice the price of the same bike in South Africa… 

… Second-hand bikes are really hard to come by.”

Not the finding I was hoping for to say the least! However, inspired by the timeless quote by Commander Taggart (aka Tim Allen) in Galaxy Quest: “Never give up. Never surrender!” I shall keep googling and see what other options exist. Gareth did manage to buy this beautiful Honda XL125 in the end. So there is hope!

For now, Charley and Ewan will have to wait a bit before riding with me.

Gareths XL125

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