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La Fontennas

You may have seen from my post on 14th August about Fon‘s donation of wifi equipment to Malawi. Well, another shipment has arrived!

Ever been out of range of a wifi hotspot while doing something? Of course! Most people have and it’s extremely annoying.

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These are La Fontennas, which significantly extended the range of Fon Simpl hotspots by up to 200 metres. They attach on to Fonera Simpls I received in August.

Please check out my new Sponsors page. I’m hoping for more sponsors very soon. Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring or have an idea.

La Fontennas

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Share a Little Wifi and Roam the World for Free

If you’ve not heard of Fon, go check it out here!

It’s one of those cool ideas that make you think: Why was this not done ages ago! It’s a vast global network of wifi routers all sharing their Internet access. As a member, you can choose to charge users of your wifi or offer it for free. Either way, you get to use the other members’ wifi i.e. free roaming.

I’m writing this because they’ve generously donated a selection of equipment for me to take to Malawi!


I’ve been using a Fon router (called a Fonera) for a number of years now. It’s a fantastic little device. Firstly {geek alert}, they’re a very decent router. Fast, stable, simple to use and you can tweak it if you wish. Secondly, you can make money from it or feel good from a bit of wifi philanthropy! Anyway, being a fan, I contacted Fon via their Facebook page and explained what I’m about to do in Malawi. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they responded and with a generous offer too.

Well, the first shipment of 3 x Fonera Simpl and 3 x Fonera 2.0n arrived last week. They look awesome.

Their website has a really cool hotspot map feature. If you search for United Kingdom, you’ll see an overwhelming abundance of available hotspots. But in Lilongwe, Malawi, there are currently none! Broadband connection permitting, hopefully we can change that and start a mini wifi sharing movement in the Malawian capital.

Gracias Gabriela, Fon! Rest assured they’ll be put to good use to #MakeaDifference!


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